I am Shanna, the VP of Sales at Kut from the Kloth. This year, I lost a very dear friend to breast cancer. She was around 34 when she was diagnosed with it. Having been on the younger side of the spectrum, as well as being a woman, a mother, and one of her best friends, we were all shocked to learn that she not only had breast cancer but that it was terminal. 

When Lindsey found out that she was diagnosed, she was optimistic. But I think for her, it was one of these things where she never wanted anyone to feel sorry for her. She knew that it was eventually going to take her life and the whole time she was courageous. It was encouraging to see her go on this fight not knowing how long she had. She was always positive and always loved life.

The fact that life can go by so fast is kind of taken advantage of when we're young and healthy. As a mother, I found it very scary because you know when you're young, you take advantage of time, because you feel like you'll be here forever. The whole time she was so positive, and I think awareness is what was important for her and for us. 

It doesn't matter what your age is, this disease can affect you at any time. The one thing I did learn, with breast cancer, there are so many different forms of breast cancer, and there are so many different ways that you can get it, and it doesn't matter how old you are or how healthy you are, you just have to be proactive. When it works, your life can be saved or at least prolonged. Although they did not think she would live that long, she ended up living another 4 years.

I think learning about the disease from someone having it at a young age and with the different things you can do touched me. As well, I was able to educate my daughter and her daughter about it. Prevention is important, and it's important to educate more women about it. 

There's just so much out there that people don't know until they get the disease. We missed out on that experience because I think it's so important to know things before they happen. She is one of my best friends, and I miss her all the time. It was devastating to lose one of my best friends before her 40th birthday. 

Our group is doing a walk for breast cancer awareness this year. Her legacy will live on, and we will be able to help other people, and doing this has touched so many people.  

We have to educate other women and make sure we spread the word. Early detection is the most important thing, regardless of whether the disease is terminal or not.