My name is Jamie Guzman, I’ve been with Kut from the Kloth for 26 years. I’m the director of distribution here and currently, I’m a cancer patient myself. I wanted to speak about Lita Francisco; she was a co-worker of mine and one of my many mentors I’ve had here at Kut from the Kloth.  She passed from breast cancer a few years back. 

Lita was like a mother to me here at Kut from the Kloth. Not only did I lose my biological mother to cancer but I also lost Lita to cancer too. She was a great woman, a great mother, a great employee, and she loved life.  

Even when she was dealing with cancer and had her bad days, she was always grateful. She gave me the best hugs, and when I cussed in front of her, gave me the best ear pullings.  So no matter what I always had my mother around me. It’s someone who I miss dearly and unfortunately, was taken by this awful disease. 

I wish everybody who has to deal with this disease the best of luck. I’d like to give a special thanks to Kut from the Kloth for everything that they’ve done for us, everything that they’ve done for Lita.  Thank you all and god bless you!