Sustainable fashion isn’t a trend.

For us, it’s a calling, and we’re on a simple but significant mission to grow our clean, premium denim production.

We’ve started by giving some of our most loved styles
an Earth-friendly upgrade.

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Let’s talk sustainable fabric.

By using recycled fabric or buying denim made from recycled materials like water bottles, we are helping to improve air quality, clear landfills, conserve energy and save water.

Speaking of water, we’re using up to
95% less of it with eflow technology.

This system utilizes air from the atmosphere, which reduces the water, product, and energy required for each cycle. Even better, eflow increases washing capacity by 200%. That means we’re washing more denim using way fewer of our Earth’s precious resources.

Want a more signature,
authentic wash?

We’re also working with some pretty advanced machinery in order to eliminate toxic design processes. By reproducing ozone gas conditions, we give our garments their classic, vintage look.

Together, we can close the
loop on sustainable fashion

As we move consciously toward the future, these efforts are just our start of a long term plan to optimize sustainability in all areas of our business.

From sourcing and design to manufacturing and shipping, we aim to preserve all of Earth’s precious resources.